How to Test Cacao Grafting Strength

One of the first tasks we work on with farmers is improving their grafting skills, so they have a high rate of seedling survival. At BLYSS we are after a 98% immortality rate proven after 3 months, and subsequently, at the we train this a lot with our students and teams. One quick way to test part of the grafting, is to give the plant a little shake and see how well the scion has sat in and ideally, you have just a little jiggle.

By the way, this is an insight to our which is for farmers, as well as others in the chocolate industry to understand the details of how to set up organic cacao nursery, rehab land for multi-diverse cacao and also evolve great natural cacao for fine chocolate development.

For more information, you can also check out this study about green budding and grafting in cacao nurseries by G. Giesberger and WA Coste.  You will see they rate a good grafting at 90-100% immortality.

And here a summary of alternatives to grafting if you are interested, from ICCO

We have other tips for grafting like preparing the knife, how to hold the scion, how to collect great scion etc. Contact us for more infos.

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