How to sleeve a cacao pod using bamboo

Some of you have asked about cacao pod sleeving which we do on our plantations and what we teach to our students.

We farm and teach chemical free agroforestry, and although pod sleeving does involve an unnatural substance (bags) you can get biodegradable ones and we have found that while we test out new chem-free methods of protecting pods (eg a mud mask) this is a common and helpful way to get immediate effect on protecting pods.

In this video, Lyss explains shortly how with a long bamboo rod, elastic bands and some double ended plastic bags you can quickly quarantine and support pods from disease and pests within seconds. Sometimes, a simple and quick solution is the best.

A study about the sleeves is here, ‘Efficacy of Pod Sleeving in Cocoa’ from the Cocoa Research and Development Center and Malaysian Cocoa Board from researches B. Saripah and colleagues I.  Azhar, S. Roslan and M. Abdul Shukor

We are currently running tests from universities and national governments about various protection methods, and often do tests comparing to the sleeving method.

If you want to know more about it – check out

Cacao pod borer research programs here:

Another video is here

A study about the biodegradable bags in sleeving is here

And this open book is about how the sleeving works in relation to environmental goals

And another study looking at pod rot and the use of sleeves

If you have experiences or opinions about sleeving, let us know directly at BLYSS or the – thanks!

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