How to store your chocolate

Chocolate is more sensitive than your most moody friend. She doesn’t like light, humidity or heat. Just like the attention to have to when you have your favourite wines, and olive oils, you need to take care of your chocolate.

Chocolate takes on the aromas of what it is close to, and literally will absorb the scent of what you place it next to like a sponge (so don’t store it under your armpits!).

You want to keep it in sealed packaging, in a dark and cool place.

The most ideal storage for your chocolate is 17-17 degrees centigrade (59-64 Fahrenheit) with a humidity level of less than 50%.

You will know when your chocolate is unhappy because she will ‘bloom’,  and that’s a bad sign.

Blooming occurs when chocolate is stored or served incorrectly.
There are two types of blooming:

  1. A fat blooming which is caused by temperatures exceeding, or fluctuating to-from 24 degrees centigrade. (don’t leave it in the sun!)  You will know if this occurred by when you open your chocolate and rub the surface , the bloom disappears. You can either get rid of this completely be re-tempering the chocolate.
  2. A sugar blooming occurs when temperatures go below 15 degrees  or too much humidity (don’t put it in the fridge!)  When you put it in the fridge, the chocolate will actually absorb the moisture (and aroma) of your fridge and cause the fat and sugar crystals to rise to the surface. And if you take it from inside a fridge to the outside, on a warm day, you will get an oily film.

Although all of this looks very yukky, in fact the chocolate is still completely edible. You just moved the crystals around (which we worked very hard to put in the correct order via a funky tempering technique).

Like all foods, ‘if in doubt, throw it out’. Your health is the most important.

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