Female Entrepreneur Exemplifies Why People Should Support Each Other


It’s not a secret that the presence of women in the business world is nowhere near as much as men. Worldwide, the female entrepreneur and executive has had to fight her way up the corporate ladder and find her own path towards her entrepreneurial journey. One woman is shaking things up in the industry as she uses her personal experience and struggles as ammunition. Lu Li, a London-based entrepreneur, decided that it was time for a platform to exist where female entrepreneurs can come together for support and advice. I’m talking about Blooming Founders, a consultation firm created by Li, that offers startup support and networking opportunities for female entrepreneurs.

bloomingfoundersLu wasn’t always a savvy business woman, she lived the corporate life, as a consultant with McKinsey and later with Proctor & Gamble. At the age of 28 she decided to leave the corporate world and pursue her entrepreneurial dreams. Having no experience as an entrepreneur, Lu came across several roadblocks, but she didn’t let that stop her. She realized that she wasn’t the only woman going through this and women who are beginning their entrepreneurial journey needed a support system where they could go to; this is how Blooming Founders was born.

dearfemalefounderAnother major project that Lu recently completed is the publication of her book, “Dear Female Founder.” The book is a compilation of inspiring stories and testimonies of 66 female entrepreneurs from around the world. “Dear Female Founder” is based on one question: If successful female entrepreneurs and investors wrote a letter of advice to the next generation of female entrepreneurs – what would they write about? The women featured in the book have generated more than $1 billion in revenue. Some of the contributors have received mainstream recognition but for the most part, are hidden gems in the male dominated world of business. They prove that at the end of the day, if you want to pursue your entrepreneurial goal, it is possible, regardless of gender. Reading the stories of the women who are featured provides inspiration. These women have been there, done that, so the advice they give in this book is practical.

Lu Li is passionate about what she does and by using Blooming Founders as her vehicle to fulfill her purpose, she has been able to reach many female entrepreneurs. Organized events by Blooming Founders such as Mindful Selling: 7 Steps To Selling Without Being Salesy and How She Did It: Designing The Next Generation Of Wearables create networking opportunities that new entrepreneurs seek. Now with book lunch of “Dear Female Founder” she is able to inspire women from the comfort of their own home. Her name is starting to ring bells as the media shines the light on Li, she was featured on an article on Forbes recently. You can keep up with this trailblazing entrepreneur on social media by following Blooming Founders on Facebook.

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