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We serve food companies, chefs, chocolatiers and interested individuals with a range of cacao beans, nibs, butter and powder that we participate in growing and trading. We assure quality based on OUR standards which sometimes involve involve external certifications like organic (US, EU) and FairTrade. Not all of the communities we work with are certified according to european / USFDA organic, nor FairTrade. We take an opinion that not all communities need it, that investments vary from education and health, to plantation recovery and rehab.

Send us an email BLYSS (at) BLYSSchocolate.com if you want to talk about upcoming harvests.

This is agriculture, and seasons are either wet or dry and we cannot assure volumes for each season. Unlike the commodity traders, we do not set future prices or expectations on what is grown. The weather seasons are wildly fluctuating in the last years, and we have seen general yield of cacao reduce by 30% on the plantations we work. Flood, earthquake, pest and civil unrest all play major factors in what we are able to yield from the beautiful locations we have the privilege to work with.

Please understand our skill and interest is to work with food companies to help them figure out what their ideal cacao nuances are, and see if the plantations we work on can supply that or not. We work with chefs to create the flavours they are looking for, and grow specifically to their needs. We are not interested to be an online shop for chocolate. Our passion is bringing the industry chain together, and focusing on growing and delivering amazing cacao to our beloved customers around the world.

Some farms have the following certifications. Not all farms have all certifications yet, we are working with each indviudal cooperation and farm to help decide which ones are necessary, worth the investment.

All farms that we work with line up to our standards and are personally checked by Lyss and the quality control team, and are part of the CACAOacademy, our education program.

We love having a wide range of interesting customers who use our cacao and knowledge for all sorts of creations

Some Of Our Favourite Customers

And some other companies who we work with under confidential contract, mostly in the food manufacturing industry.

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