Cocoa Coconut Institute Limited (CCI)

The Cocoa Coconut Institute Limited (CCI) was formed in Papua New Guinea in August 2003 by the merger of the PNG Cocoa and Coconut Research Institute (CCRI) and the PNG Cocoa and Coconut Extension Agency (CCEA). The mission of the organisation is to improve productivity, production, product quality and market access of cocoa and coconut products. According to CCI, its mission will be accomplished through innovative research for development, supportive policies and effective utilisation of information, with competent, motivated and continuously learning staff and other actors, working in effective partnerships.

CCI offers various cocoa and coconut products for all stages of the cocoa and coconut processing cycle and takes pride in the fact that its products were produced by Papua New Guineans for Papua New Guineans. One of the products sold are Solar Dryers, which was launched this year. The dryers are designed for the best conditions for drying cocoa and coconut. Virgin oils such as coconut oil is also produced by the organisation. In addition to cocoa and coconut products, CCI also produces publications. It has manuals and booklets to serve as an information source for various stakeholders in the cocoa and coconut industries. Some of the booklets and modules available for purchase are, Integrated Pest & Disease Management for Cocoa, Formation Pruning of Hybrid Clones for Cocoa and Production of Virgin Coconut Oil.

CCI offers several programs, one of the programs offered is Post Harvest & Marketing Systems. Within this program, CCI teaches about increasing market opportunities for cocoa farmers by developing and promoting environmentally friendly farming systems to increase production. The organisation partners up with relevant agencies to subside transport costs through private public partnerships, especially in locations where freight costs to markets is a major concern. CCI also teaches about how to improve marketing systems and value addition of coconut products for small farmers. They are able to accomplish this by partnering with relevant agencies to conduct market research for market improvement and new markets for coconut value added products.

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