BLYSS Chocolate Report 2016

Chocolate trends for 2016 will rely on a combination of the health and nutrition trends and general food and drink trends. This year’s trends are Cost of manufacture, Ingredients like palm oil, Health and chocolate, and Labeling/origin. While we at BLYSS are not directly impacted by this market pressure, we will also see a challenge on prices as environmental pressures continue to worsen around the Amazon and we have 30% less yield of chocolate. Ways companies will get around this increase in cost is to enhance usage of sugar in chocolate, and sugar will only increase in price by approx. 8% in 2016, which is marginally less than.

There’s good news for foodies in 2016. In 2016, we will see a closer relationship between food that is good for you, and enjoyable to eat – with fewer notions of microwave low carb meals, tasteless, dry salads, and low-cal chocolate. It has become very popular to “hit” the topic on the head about weight management and food over recent years. This is more-so in Anglo-Saxon countries like my home in Australia, or in the USA where obesity continues to be a national challenge. Veganism seems to have become less about “animal rights” and more about health, or reduced environmental footprint.

With behind the scenes pictures, and rapid information sharing about ingredients and unethical behaviors, the job for any food creator, be they a large multinational or artisan is about earning the trust if their market. Which is why we at BLYSS have to be careful about what and how we say things. Feelings of distrust in the food industry exist because for so many decades flavor usage such as E100 additives etc. and ingredients to mask taste were de rigor.

With so many trends, just labeling something will become harder to do. Products are cross function and purpose, in line with the consumer trend to “have everything” in food and achieve more than one nutritional or health goal. Overall, the use factor of food has become trendy. Almost like an economic opportunity cost equation, foods of recent resurgence such as quinoa and kale are being promoted for their overall use factor – like big packers of iron for strength, fibre for digestive function and low calories for weight management.

This was written by a third generation social entrepreneur who works to evolve food sovereignty and agroecology, specifically in cacao. It was written for foodies writers and chefs who want to know what’s going to trend and why.

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