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Kind Words

  • German manufacturers of chocolate who produce some wonderful stuff. The sad truth, however, is that outside of Coppeneur, Bouga Cacao, Blyss and Vivani, there's nothing much to get excited about.

    Lee Mccoy
  • Lyss und ihrer start up BLYSS machen süssigkeit für ein umwelt-bewusstes zeitalter.

    Selbst Schokolade WIRED magazine
  • If BLYSS was a club, it would have the a very strict door. And for good reasons.

    Business Punk, magazine
  • Finally, we can enjoy our chocolate and know it is good for our bodies too.

    Best Places Magazine
  • Blyss are great chocolate makers producing for exclusive clients who which to engage with Blyss' very strong ethical stance and pursuit of excellence.

    Lee Mccoy
  • Founded by the Australian, Alyssa Jade McDonald, it transfers the idea of Virgin Olive Oil – to chocolate - thanks to a proprietary cold-press process.

    Thomas Knüwer
  • Lyss and her start up BLYSS has made sweets for an environmentally-conscious age.

    WIRED Magazine
  • Die Schokolade zergeht langsam auf der Zunge, der blumige Geschmack steigt mir in die Nase und erfüllt meinen ganzen Mund.

    Anke Groener
  • Incredibly delicious is the taste- I can think of no better word to describe this chocolate.
  • All this tasting was absolutely gratifying.

    Food Hunter Magazine
  • To hear McDonald talk about her chocolate and her business is pure pleasure: she burns for her idea.

    Thomas Knüwer
  • Alyssa is an epitome of an old school entrepreneur: energetic, positive, down-to-earth, focused, generous and supportive.
  • Finally, we can enjoy our chocolate and know it is good for our bodies too.

    Best Places Magazine
  • I would now like a red wine. Or a whiskey. Or a bubble bath with a reader with candlelight, and someone patting me on the back and in between singing arias.

    Anke Groener
  • McDonald über ihre Schokolade und ihr Unternehmen reden zu hören ist das pure Vergnügen: Sie brennt für ihre Idee.

    Thomas Knüwer
  • Alyssa talks with full of energy and passion.

    Food Hunter Magazine
  • Lyss demonstrates that: with passion, you can change everything - even chocolate.

    WIRED Magazine
  • Ich hätte jetzt gerne einen Rotwein. Oder einen Whisky. Oder ein Schaumbad mit einem Vorleser bei Kerzenlicht, der mir den Rücken krault und zwischendurch Arien singt.

    Anke Groener
  • Wäre BLYSS ein klub, hätte der eine sehr strenge tür.

  • The BLYSS was no less than a taste revelation, a how it had held in this intensity and depth is not possible.
  • Lyss und ihrer start up BLYSS machen süssigkeit für ein umwelt-bewusstes zeitalter. sie demonstriert: mit leidenschaft kann man alles verändern.

    Selbst Schokolade WIRED Magazine
  • You can tell simply that BLYSS puts an incredible amount of importance on high quality raw materials (the Arriba bean) and processing.
  • Die BLYSS war nicht weniger als eine geschmackliche Offenbarung, eine, wie man sie in dieser Intensität und Tiefe nicht für möglich gehalten hätte.
  • Eines der spannendsten Schokoladenunternehmen der Welt heißt Blyss Chocolate und hat seinen Sitz in Frankfurt am Main.

    Thomas Knüwer
  • The chocolate melts slowly on your tongue, the flowery taste rises to my nostrils and filled my whole mouth.

    Anke Groener
  • To get behind the mystery of this virgin chocolate, you have to taste the bean.

    Food Hunter Magazine
  • We've got some samples of the Blyss Chocolate 100% which are made from cacao harvested during different seasons and they taste radically different.

    Lee Mccoy Chocolate
  • One of the most exciting chocolate company in the world is called BLYSS Chocolate and has its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main.

    Thomas Knüwer
  • Man merkt einfach, dass Blyss unglaublich viel Wert auf hochwertige Ausgangsprodukte (die Arriba Bohne) und Verarbeitung legt.
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