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Hello, we are BLYSS gmbh and we organically grow, quality control and direct trade unique cacao varieties. We are social enterprise where through inclusive growth we evolve basic services and infrastructure, education and skills, employment and labour, financial intermediation for the communities we with.  We believe that our customers are both farmers and cacao buyers (food companies, chefs, interested individuals). Farmers often struggle to get the coordination of resources to efficiently and ethically till their land and sell, while cacao buyers typically have a hard time finding authentic theobroma sources for their chocolate needs. What separates us from other chocolate companies is that we start at the seed and finish with the chocolatier or foodie. We are humbly small, yet extremely committed to working the entire value system from choosing cacao seeds and farming them according to traditions we have from our family heritage to representing them in in Europe and Australia to food companies, chefs and interested food lovers for interesting and alternative uses.

Because of this focus, our customers become involved in the bigger community of our industry and often learn more about what they can do with cacao, what nuances exist between terroirs and vintages and also restore their faith in modern agroecology.  Simply, we love what we do and have evolved over the years from working with just one genetic species in one country, to multiples in multiples. For this, we are extremely grateful and do our best to be guardians of of both farmers and chefs.

We have German technical standards, with Australian heart and a Papua New Guinean sense of adventure.

We are based in Germany yet our operations team sits in Australia, Ecuador, USA and South Africa. We have delivered to the kitchens of royal palaces in the middle east, european hotels and families in India. Happy to share references anytime you ask.

Just email us BLYSS (at)

Part of our growth until now has included forming new organisations. and

We teach the 10 most important steps of cacao and chocolate making to everyone in the industry supply chain from farmers to traders, regulators and chefs. In our experience, the more informed everyone was, the more specific and fair the growing and trade of our precious commodity is. Additionally, there is a dearth of education that is available for communities that are outside of Big Chocolate companies, or sponsored by chemical company programs. We focus on social practices, organic and fair farming as well as celebrating unique genetics, terroirs and vintages. Imagine wine standards and connoisseurship in chocolate, that is what we are going for.

The 10 core elements that we teach are :

  1. Genetics
  2. Origin
  3. Growing
  4. Trade
  5. Transformation (fermentation and drying)
  6. Production (turning cacao to chocolate)
  7. Regulation
  8. Trends
  9. Sensory profiling
  10. History

We also teach this from hotel groups, food companies to regulators to  small communities who are interested in growing chocolate as a region.

Additionally we curate installations for museums and exhibitions, for example, the children’s museum Munich.

BLYSS gmbh
BLYSS gmbh
BLYSS gmbh
BLYSS gmbh
BLYSS gmbh

We are an organisation who delivers services to companies and individuals who struggle with finding a balance between change and capitalism, and would like to make positive social impact.  What separates us from agencies and consulting companies is that we actually walk the talk; have started social enterprises, and lead teams in stock listed or former government owned companies and know what it’s like to bring new projects to the forefront in a multinational, dimensional and ever-changing world. We use resources from the World Economic Forum Global Index and the Global Entrepreneurship monitor to base our research and then apply with street smart sense as learned ourselves from building our own businesses, social enterprises and working in large organisations.

  1. Entrepreneurialism
  2. Geo-politics
  3. Inclusive growth
  4. Money matters
  5. Technology tipping points
  6. Designing change
  7. Measures of influence
  8. Regenerative ideals

We share these principles via presenting / teaching, doing projects, managing development, advising and even deciding through JVs.The companies we work with are in the energy, technology, real estate and tourism industries, telecommunications at the moment.

You can be in touch via email Team (at)

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